Why Mehandi Important In Wedding & Engagement?

For any girl ready for engagement in India particularly in New Delhi Bridal Mehndi is very special choice For the girl and other females in the family. Always one wants the best Mehndi artist for making new and attractive designs with henna.

A practice of applying Mehndi on hands has been prevalent for ages and before the engagement or marriage Mehndi is cherished as a traditional symbol of newness freshness and beauty . It is positive tattooing for a new feeling and it has some scientific effect on mood through skin application on hands and legs.

Fabulous designs and new Mehndi artists come up with something new every year in India or Abroad.Bridal Mehndi or Engagement Mehndi both are equally important part of wedding mehndi ceremony as there is a get together of girls and ladies and they apply mehndi by their chosen best mehndi artist and also sing songs dance and share pics on social media of their hands and legs applied with mehndi of different styles like traditional Arabic, short and long mehndi designs.

In india and among NRIs the search of a professional and skilled suitable mehndi artist brings them to India or Delhi only where best of best mehndi artist with different experience have been working for generations . they come from rajasthan uttarpradesh and Madhya Pradesh or Gujrat etc..

Traditions have their own place in a culture and weddings are grand occasion to celebrate where the cultural heritage of good clothes good mehndi good songs and good food are an integral part of Indian weddings whether In india or abroad . Mehndi is one of the symbol of sticking to the roots and a good wish for a long and stable marriage.