Engagement Mehandi Artist

Is engagement complete without Mehndi ?

Be it engagement, marriage, sangeet or reception, no function is complete without applying Mehndi or Henna on hands. We are not actually interested in knowing the history about where it originated from but we love to apply it, as it gives us the satisfaction of looking elegant.

Mehndi night before marriage is the most enjoyable part of every ceremony. Delicious snacks, dance performances, playing games and applying mehndi together with friends and families is the loveliest feeling ever.Doesn’t matter, it’s the Bride’s side or Groom’s, both sides enjoy the most in mehndi ceremony.

Select the best designs from here to look the prettiest :

It beautifies when applied before a day of function. It is best to apply before 2-3 days of the function so that it can beautify your hands. It reaches its peak color about 48 hours after it is removed. Select the best artist to beautify your functions.If you are a mehndi lover and want to have a dark shade like this, you need to apply it before 2-3 days before the function and take proper care by not using a lot of water.Apply lemon and sugar syrup to your hand for darker shade. If not syrup you can also apply vicks or mustard oil at night before sleeping.

Be the best with elegant quality designs because functions like engagement and marriage takes place once in life.

why important Engagement Mehndi?